Pop Up Gum-shield Fitting Clinic with dentist Dr. Cathy Robinson at The Shop That Nearly Wasn't

GUMSHIELDS2GO was set up in 2017 by dentist, Dr Cathy Robinson BDS. Her passion for making the custom-fitted mouthguard more accessible and affordable to contact sports players, is the driving force of the company

The concept of bringing the dental professional to the player makes access to the services required to fabricate a mouthguard easier, avoiding the usual hurdles which busy parents and players face when trying to fit dental appointments around already busy schedules.

The flow for a fitting:

1. Player arrives and fills in registration docs.

2. A painless dental mould is taken of the player (5mins)

3. Parent/child choose colour/design of Gumshield they want - there will be examples on display

4. Payment is taken at time by card

5. Free collection from venue two weeks later or can be posted individually for €5