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On World Cancer Day February 4th The Shop That Nearly Wasn’t will open its doors (4 Temple Bar) and open online. Stocked and staffed by cancer survivors who want to raise more funding for research to make more survivors.  The Shop That Nearly Wasn’t celebrates and highlight the many amazing things that cancer survivors do, make, create, and contribute to society.

Currently, over 190,000 cancer survivors are living in Ireland, nearly 4% of the population, and that number is set to increase thanks to pioneering medical research. The Shop and  initiative not only highlights how research enables cancer patients to be treated more effectively and increases survival rates, but it also showcases all the amazing things that survivors do and the talent and colour they bring to the world simply by being in it.

We are celebrating survivors, telling their stories and demonstrating how wonderful it is to have these people who are our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues still with us despite a cancer diagnosis.

However, we can and should do even more. Survival rates for different cancers vary. For some cancers survival rates can be as low as 9%. We want 100% survival for all. By supporting us, you create more survivors and better futures for all cancer patients, sooner.  Buy a real product or a virtual one and you will helping create the next Breakthroughs which will transform how we treat patients.

We are changing the future of cancer every day. With your support we do more sooner.

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Breakthrough Cancer Research is disrupting cancers future and saving lives, one research breakthrough at a time.  Our world class researchers tackle the most difficult to cure cancers, to deliver better futures sooner.  Cancer is clever but we are ingenious.

We are an Irish medical research charity focused on cancer.  We work to significantly impact the number of children and adults who can survive this disease.  We invest in world-class research in Ireland to impact the quality of life for cancer patients and save lives.  We are particularly focused on improving outcomes for those cancers, which are poorly served by current treatment options.

Our focus is:

  • 100% survival for all
  • Funding world-class cancer research into poor prognosis cancers, which are poorly served by current treatment options
  • Facilitating collaboration between scientists and clinicians across Ireland and Internationally
  • Accelerating the translation of lab discoveries into new effective treatments for cancer patients

Thanks to your support we have invested millions in cancer research, funding the development of many new treatments for cancer already making a difference today

To read about our achievements and current projects go here.